The Importance of Board Composition

//The Importance of Board Composition

The Importance of Board Composition

Board composition has received a lot of attention in recent years as investors focus on the importance of the role board directors play in the business. The board is comprised of people who bring their own particular skills, expertise, and networks to the table. But the goal of every effective board is to work as a team to monitor performance and help the CEO.

To accomplish that goal, a board must be organized to be efficient and well-equipped for its function. It is usually achieved by building a robust team that can uncover the truth and be an important sounding board.

It is generally recommended that boards comprise members who are first-time members as experienced directors to give an equal amount of viewpoints and knowledge. To achieve this, it’s crucial to have an objective framework that lets the nominating committees as well as the board to assess the qualities, skills and talents required to be a perfect director candidate.

A common tool is a board-matrix that provides individual characteristics that could assist in the selection of possible board candidates. However it is important to remember that just because someone is a keeper of certain traits does not necessarily mean that they are the perfect suitable candidate for the position.

A particular kind of obstruction to changes in the composition of the board is common in organisations that are dominated by one or more founders who believe they have the best idea and don’t want to risk changing. This can result in a “founders syndrome” in which check my reference the nominating committees fail to recognize the need for fresh talent and a new board composition.

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